Hurricane Sandy Relief for Tri-State Small Businesses

A Student Launcher U Project

Short Project Description

Rebuilding the lives of 1000s of small business owners, and their employees, who's livelihood was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

What is the outcome of the project?

To send financial aid directly to impacted small business owners, and their employees, in the tri-state area to rebuild their businesses and get their employees back to work.

Who is involved?

The fundraising efforts are being coordinated by Student Launcher with the help of student groups around the country and the Entrepreneur's Organization.

When will the project happen?

The donation check will be giving at the Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA) finalists event in New York City on Nov 15th.

Where will the project happen?

Tri-State Area.

Why does this project matter?

Small business are the life blood of every community and Hurricane Sandy destroyed 1000s of small business in the tri-state area leaving 10,000s of business owners and their employees literally in the dark. The sooner we can help build the small business back up, the sooner the community recover.

How will the funds be used?

All funds will go directly to small business owners through the coordination with the Entrepreneur's Organization and will be used for clean up efforts, restoration, and restocking supplies.

Contact info?

Tom Krieglstein

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